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When Nature Calls Pest Control ® is licensed and insured to provide services in the areas of wildlife and general pest control. They also have memberships in various support organizations and continue to seek the education and information they need to provide high-quality service.

Due to health issues at altitude, our family has decided to move from Colorado to resettle in Oklahoma. But it’s with great pleasure that we have found a perfect fit to take over the servicing of our clients here in Colorado! Nick Anderson is the owner of Anderson Wildlife Solutions. He owns a small family run pest and wildlife control company and operates much like we do. He is highly trained, certified and more importantly is a kind and honest operator that will treat our clients with the utmost respect and professionalism. We will certainly miss all of our mountain friends, but you’re in good hands with Nick. Being a part of this mountain community will always live in our hearts and minds.
-The Walker Family

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It is with much discernment that we’ve come to the decision to permanently close our Illinois Office. Due to IDNR (IL Dept of Natural Resources) overregulation and unfair government overreach into our industry we’ve realized we can never grow our business in Illinois. That was the reason for moving our family to Colorado after discovering years ago that we couldn’t grow our company in Illinois. We have yet to find a competitor or replacement to run our Illinois office and we don’t have a referral for our clients either. We have been marketing our business in Illinois to attract a person or company with similar business ethics to ours that could benefit from our reputation and the use of our phone number to route calls, but even this was unsuccessful. For those clients who have been hoping for our return, I’m sorry but we’ve made the decision to give up on Illinois permanently. We will leave the door open should a good fit present itself, but this seems less and less probable. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all our clients in Illinois who made us who we are today! Thank you for your loyalty, your business and having faith in us to help you with your pest or wildlife issues.

Coming Soon to the OKC Area