Homes can have thousands in damage from pest issues from rodent, raccoon or bat damage! Don’t inherit a nightmare, call us for an inspection BEFORE you buy!

It is very common for home inspections performed though routine real estate transactions to MISS a ton of pest sign and damage. Home inspectors are often referred by the clients real estate agent. This could easily lead to a relationship that can be biased. Who does your home inspector really work for? Is it you or is it the real estate agent that refers hundreds of clients to them on a yearly basis? Even if the home inspector is not biased and is ethical in their approach, do they have the kind of expertise to fully understand what’s really going on in that home? Bats do not inhabit homes for most of the year here in the mountains of Colorado. They aren’t going to be present in an attic much of the year. Can your home inspector determine the difference between rat or bat droppings? Can they distinguish differences between a rat dropping and that of a shrew or a bird?

Don’t let yourselves be victim to this. It can cost thousands of dollars on top of what is an already stressful time. Buying a home should be pleasant and exciting! You should be totally prepared and have the knowledge about exactly what’s happening with that structure BEFORE you inherit a nightmare. We specialize in a comprehensive and full inspection process that will give you true piece of mind. We can help prove through our video and photographic inspection process to document and record deficiencies, identify active pest issues and / or previous animal damage that could lead to costly repairs and sanitation bills. We specialize in both general pest and wildlife pest identification, so we can identify a wide range of different pest issues and damage. We build a complete report for our clients that will be backed up by over 15 years of industry experience, advanced training and certifications to prove we are the experts.

Our documentation can then be used to negotiate a fair price or the decision to walk away from that sale based on the findings. We’ve discovered colonies of bats in the hundreds and even a few in the thousands that went unnoticed by the home inspector. We’ve discovered tens of thousands of dollars of damage by packrats, mice and other rat species. We’ve discovered thousands of dollars of damage to attic insulation by raccoons. You name it, we’ve seen it. Our staff is uniquely qualified to get to the bottom of what’s going on or not going on. Even if no issues are found, isn’t that a great piece of mind and well worth the cost of inspection? If you are buying a home, call When Nature Calls Pest Control to be your independent and highly trained expert to advocate for you through the process.