Chimney Caps & Vent Guards

When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc. is dedicated to helping our clients prevent further and future damage by installing chimney caps and vent guards that will do the most to keep nuisance wildlife out. We can even have custom fabrication of these to fit any application or site. More information can be obtained by contacting us as directed on the contact page or checking out our work on our Facebook page, click here.

CHIMNEY CAPS can help keep unwanted “guests” from occupying a fireplace flue, even preventing creatures as small as most bats from getting into furnace or hot water heaters, they can protect the flue from water damage and protect the crown (cement base on top of masonry chimneys) from ice/water thaw & freeze cycles by reducing water accumulation around cracks in the crown. 

We can even custom fabricate chimney caps to prevent bat entry, match style (copper and stainless steel models are available). We can even powder coat these to make them appear to be of a certain color (to appear to be copper or bronze even though they are stainless – see picture here). 

We can design and protect nearly any style chimney flue, allowing proper ventilation of your gas or wood-burning appliances and keeping you free from pests and costly removal fees and damage & sanitation costs associated with animals inside the flue(s). 

Pictured to the left is what we refer to as a “multi-flue” chimney cap. This is a single unit that covers and protects multiple flues at once. This model is stainless steel (will never rust and is forever warrantied), then powder coated to appear to be bronze.  To the right are two custom single bolt on style chimney caps made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, lasts forever and is very sharp (often resulting in cutting the paws of creatures trying to dislodge the cap or get inside). 

VENT GUARDS helps protect vents from further animal entry and damage. Pictured to the left is a raccoon that we’ve trapped to remove it from this client’s attic. The average cost to restore an attic in our area (after raccoon damage) is between $3,000 and $5,000 dollars. Why would you not install these BEFORE you have a wildlife problem? 

Bats will often roost under roof vents such as this one pictured to the left. This can result in their droppings (considered hazardous) to fall into the attic, creating a sanitation and biohazard issue. Their urine is very corrosive as well and this results in the deterioration (over time) of the lightweight metal screening, creating an entry point into the attic. See the picture to the right to see what this looks like (from inside the attic).

Vent guards like this pictured here will prevent nearly EVERY pest from being able to enter your attic / structure and cause damage.

Bats routinely enter structures through ridge vents. Ridge venting is designed to allow maximum ventilation of your attic by leaving a section at the top of the peak free of roof sheathing, then installing a venting material to allow hot air (and humidity) to exit the roof. This prolongs the life of your shingles and it allows moisture to vent the structure. Unfortunately, bats will utilize this easy entry point and infest attics as a result of this gap. We can install a ridge vent protection system to allow your structure to vent properly AND keep the bats out of the structure!