Bird Control In Cripple Creek, CO

If you’re experiencing a bird population issue in the greater Cripple Creek, CO area, it’s time to contact the professionals at When Nature Calls Pest Control. With many years of serving the Cripple Creek area, our team knows how to effectively get rid of the issue quickly and effectively.

Due to the many health risks that can come from having a bird infestation, contacting a professional bird removal company is the best choice when figuring out how to deal with the issue. While they may seem harmless and “just birds,” these creatures can pose a threat by coming into direct contact with humans or by exposure to their droppings. In addition to being a direct threat to individuals, they’re also able to cause damage to your property by ruining your siding, roof, or staining your sidewalk.

Pigeon Control & Deterrents

One popular bird we work with is the pigeon. Known for populating the rooftops of buildings and leaving droppings everywhere, keeping them away from your home or business is important. In order to begin controlling the pigeon population around your property, our team will start by inspecting the flock and then develop a plan to specifically address the problem at hand. We will then move forward and implement our pigeon control plan.

This plan will utilize flock eradication, direct management, and/or exclusion strategies. The specific situation will determine the most effective and appropriate measure to take.

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Woodpecker Control

Unfortunately, the Cripple Creek area experiences damages from pesky woodpeckers looking for insects or nesting inside your home siding. While these birds are beautiful animals, they’re a pest when they cause damage to your home.

In order to get rid of these birds, you need to abide by federal law which states that they’re protected under the Migratory Bird Act. Instead of destroying the bird, the best control tactic is to deter them, which includes our technicians placing deterrents around the structure to keep them away. Whether the deterrent is olfactory, tactile, visual, or sense-based deterrents, utilizing these methods will not cause the woodpecker to be harmed.

Reliable Bird Control Professionals

For all of your bird, woodpecker and pigeon control services in the Cripple Creek, CO area, contact the experts at When Nature Calls Pest Control. Our experienced technicians will provide you with a high quality bird removal and deterrent service to keep the offending birds away from your home or business.

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