Squirrel Control In Cripple Creek, CO


Finding a reliable and affordable squirrel removal company in the Cripple Creek area can be stressful. When Nature Calls Pest Control is here to assist!

When Nature Calls Pest Control has over 15 years of experience, so you can be certain that your squirrel problem will be properly taken care of. We know the nuisance squirrels can bring to your property, let the experts at WNC help remove them for good! 

When Nature Calls Pest Control has highly skilled and trained professionals who use high quality products and effective squirrel removal techniques. Listed below are the services we provide: 


  • Inspection
  • Removal
  • Exclusion
  • Cleanup & Disinfection

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Cripple Creek CO Squirrel Control 


If you have a squirrel problem in your home or business, it’s important to properly remove them as quickly as possible. If not removed quickly, the problem will grow and continue. It’s best to call a professional, as you never know how a squirrel will react when trying to remove them. Squirrels commonly are known to cause damage to properties and carry diseases. 

Our skilled team at When Nature Calls Pest Control will properly trap the squirrels and remove them away from your property. We then ensure to seal off any entry points where the squirrels were entering your property. This will ensure pests are no longer able to enter your home in the future.

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Squirrel Removal Process  


Our team follows a step by step process to ensure your squirrel problem is property taken care of. The steps include the below:

  • Thorough inspection
  • Access & investigate affected areas for damage
  • Identifying squirrel specie
  • Evaluating life cycle that the squirrels are using the property for
  • Consultations on our squirrel treatment efforts
  • Developing a custom squirrel treatment plan
  • Providing detailed squirrel reports


Cripple Creek Squirrel Removal Professionals


Having a squirrel problem on your property can be extremely frustrating. With the help of When Nature Calls Pest Control, you can be a squirrel free! We offer squirrel removal services, and maintenance plans depending on your specific needs. Give us a call today!

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