Bat Control In Divide, CO

Do you need a high quality and reliable bat removal company to get rid of bats in your home or commercial building? If so, it’s time to contact the bat removal professionals at When Nature Calls Pest Control. Even though effectively getting rid of a bat and keeping it out of your property for good may be difficult, the WNC Pest Control team has the experience, equipment and skills necessary to accomplish the job.

To complete the bat removal job, we will provide one or many of the following bat control services:

  • Inspection
  • Removal
  • Exclusion
  • Cleanup & Disinfection



Since bats benefit the local environment and are protected by the government, these flying critters need to leave your building via a one-way apparatus. Once they’ve left, they will be kept out of your property via bat exclusion methods. In order to keep them out, our team will make sure to seal any gaps leading into your home which are the thickness of a pencil. 

When address bat issues, our crew completes each job by following BCI (Bat Conservation International) and NWCOA-certified methods.

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Bat Removal Process

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As our team works to understand and address the given bat problems at your home or business, we will be sure to complete one, many or all of the following bat control procedures.

  • Inspect structure for entry sites
  • Access & investigate attic spaces for damage
  • Identifying species
  • Evaluating life cycle that the bats are using structure for
  • Consult with the property owner about bat management efforts
  • Develop a custom bat management plan
  • Generate bat inspection report to provide clients




If you’re needing a trusted bat removal technician to deal with a bat infestation at your home or business in the greater Divide, CO area, contact the professionals at When Nature Calls Pest Control. Our crew will work hard to removal all troublesome bats from your home and create a safe environment once again.

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