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The city of Florissant offers its residents beautiful views of the environment and its wildlife population. However, many problems begin to occur when this wildlife has found a way into your home. Although you might think this will never happen to your home, the situation is all too common and can happen to nearly any home.

If your home currently has a pest or wildlife problem in your home or on your property, it’s time to call the seasoned wildlife removal experts at When Nature Calls Pest Control. With over 15 years of experience, our team of pest and wildlife professionals work hard to remove and prevent critters from your home in the greater Florissant area.

Whether you’re currently dealing with bats in your attic area, squirrels or rats in your walls, or a large hornet population under your soffit, our crew can take care of the issue and leave you with a peace of mind that the issue will not happen again.

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When nature call pest control in coloradoAs we perform our wildlife and pest removal services, we make sure to inspect all possible areas where there may be an entry point in the house. Once the entry point has been identified, we can develop a plan to remove the pest by entering the affected area or by placing exclusion methods into place. This will allow the critter to leave the given area, but not allow it to return. After the creature has left the space in your home, we will make sure to restore and sanitize the area where it was as it most likely soiled the area with its urine and feces. Along with our restoration efforts, we will make sure to seal your home with preventative measures to make sure the animal doesn’t return once again.

Whether you’re dealing with an infestation from bats, rats, mice, skunks, snakes, spiders, squirrels, stinging insects, raccoons, hornets, birds, or any other pest, the trusted wildlife and pest removal specialists at When Nature Controls Pest Control will effectively remove the creature and prevent it from reentering your home.

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