Stinging Insect Control In Florissant, CO

Each year, from spring to fall, stinging insects are a common concern throughout the greater Florissant area. Nobody wants to walk out onto their porch or back deck to see dozens of bees, wasps or hornets buzzing around, yet this is a regular situation for many residents. Although being stung by one of these insects is unpleasant for everyone, it can be very serious for people who suffer from specific allergies.

Keeping your family safe from bees, wasps and hornets is very important throughout the warmer weather months. While many people opt for DIY removal and control methods, this oftentimes enrages the insects, or doesn’t fully solve the issue.

When Nature Calls (WNC) Pest Control offers a variety of stinging insect control options, each tailored to the specific stinging insect species creating difficulties in your home. Our qualified personnel will handle the matter safely and effectively.


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Our Bee/Wasp/Hornet Control Services

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For efficient stinging insect eradication, different pest control strategies are required for each species. We’ll start by identifying the specific insect causing issues on your property, then move to the treatment portion. Here are the stinging insect removal species that we specialize in:

  • bees
  • wasps
  • yellowjackets
  • hornets

Quality Insect Control Services

If you’re needing a high quality solution to address your bee, wasp, hornet or yellowjacket situation at your home or commercial property in Florissant, contact the pros at When Nature Calls Pest Control! Our team will quickly and effectively address the situation to return peace of mind to your property.

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