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Is your home or business located in the greater Guffey, CO area and hearing a noise in your attic or noticing pest or wildlife damage to your property? It’s time to remove this problem once and for all by calling the wildlife and pest control experts at When Nature Calls Pest Control.

Throughout our many years of providing wildlife and pest removal services, our team has performed countless removal, extermination, exclusion and repair services, providing relief to homeowners and business owners throughout the greater Guffey area and beyond.


Wildlife Removal

Throughout our years serving the Guffey, CO area, there have been plenty of critters that we’ve encountered as they’ve caused issues for both homes and businesses.

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Many times, homeowners will say that they have been hearing a rustling in their attic, a scratching noise inside of your walls or you’ve seen damage on the outside of your home, these signs lead to their home walls, or even noticing damage to their gutterline, crawlspace or shingles. 

To determine if you’re experiencing a wildlife or pest issue in your property, you need to contact a professional pest or wildlife control company. When you do this, you have a significantly higher success rate of removing the critter from your property in a significantly less amount of time. 

At When Nature Calls Pest Control, our team works to get rid ofthe following critters:

Whatever animal is disrupting your family, employees, or customers, we can take care of it. While one of our most popular services involves wildlife removal situations, our team also completes damage prevention and cleanup services within the Guffey area. 

The wildlife removal process is often seen to be the most important service done, but the other two services are just as vital to the wellbeing of your property, family and coworkers. 

While you may have gotten rid of the offending animal, they could re enter through the same hole that was created before. For this reason, it’s important to both repair the damage done and perform exclusion to keep the animal away.


Pest Removal

Along with wildlife removal being one of our specialties, one other area we commonly perform removal services for is with pests. Even though you may not hear these critters rustling in the attic or hear their pitter patters in the wall, they can still cause a lot of damage and stress. 

If there are bats that live in your attic, your family could be living in danger because of their guano and the possibilities of coming into contact with one as it moves through your attic and home. We deal with the following pests:

  • bees
  • wasps
  • hornets
  • spiders
  • & many more


Quality Wildlife & Pest Removal

If you’re needing to get rid of pests and wildlife in your home or business in the greater Guffey, CO area, contact the professionals at When Nature Calls Pest Control. Our professionals will provide you with an effective removal, exclusion and prevention plan to get rid of critters and keep them out. Call today!

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