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For over 15 years, When Nature Calls Pest Control has been providing high quality pest and wildlife removal services in the greater Lake George area. Whether you’ve seen damage to your home’s roofline, heard scratching in your business’ walls or noticed a larger population of bugs around your home, it’s time to call the professional wildlife and pest control technicians at When Nature Calls Pest Control. 

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When Nature Calls Pest Control is the premier pest control company in the greater Lake George area. If pests such as bats, bees, hornets, spiders, wasps, birds or any other type of critter is affecting your home or business, it can grow exponentially if you don’t take care of it right away. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re located indoors or outdoors, these pests can end up causing trouble wherever they’re located. As bats commonly roost in attics or soffit areas, they are capable of causing danger situations to arise as they leave guano behind which can turn toxic. Along with bats, there are several other threats you may encounter in Lake George such as bees, hornets and wasps, which can be a nuisance, or even dangerous as they can sting children or individuals allergic to them.

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Wildlife Removal Company

When nature call pest control in coloradoEven though your home is a place where you can relax and experience peace and quiet during the early morning and nighttime hours, wildlife run on a different clock. These animals don’t care what time it is and will run around your walls, ceiling or floor until they decide to stop. Instead of providing these nuisance, and sometimes dangerous, animals with a warm shelter, it’s best to remove them and return them to their natural habitats.

Commonly identified by hearing a rustling in your attic or walls, or even hearing a pitter patter across the ceiling, having wildlife in your home can make for a costly experience. Many times, if homes aren’t properly protecting themselves against wildlife, there can be raccoons that make their way into your soffits or roof area, opossums that get into your crawl space, and even rats and mice that find a way to get into your walls. 

While it’s important to remove these animals from your home, the most important step is right after the removal.To keep animals from entering your home again, it’s important to perform exclusion and cleanup services to mitigate the risk of soiled areas and future infestations.


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If you’re needing a high quality pest and wildlife removal company to get rid of your infestation at your home or business in the community of Lake George, contact the professionals at When Nature Calls Pest Control today! We will quickly and safely get rid of the offending critters and make sure they don’t return to your home.

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