Pet waste cleanup can result in a hazardous (not to mention messy) situation! Contamination of groundwater can result from run-off. Pet Care Fact Sheet

Service Areas: Florissant, Divide, Woodland Park & Colorado Springs

Monthly Rates: $25 Per Week ***Includes filling up to two 5-Gallon buckets. Service area limited to one Acre. Pricing is with credit or debit card on file. You may cancel at any time. 

One Time Service Rate: $125 ***Includes filling up to three 5-Gallon buckets. Each bucket thereafter is $10 additional. Limited to one hour service call. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

    1. Can I cancel at any time? Answer: Yes, no obligation to continue using our services!
    2. How do you schedule appointments? Answer: Our Weekly Rate includes flexible scheduling (weather, holidays and scheduling conflicts). We have to have the flexibility to service your account anytime during that week. 
    3. Can I pay using a check or cash? Answer: Payment is due at the time of service, you may pay with check or cash provided you are home at the time of unscheduled service. It is far easier to pay using a credit or debit card which is then securely stored in our credit card processor software. 
    4. Do you increase the charge based on how many dogs I have? Answer: No, but we limit our service capacity to one 5-Gallon buckets max per visit on the Weekly Rate. If additional buckets are collected, fee is $10 per bucket. 
    5. Do you carry insurance? Answer: Yes, we carry over a million dollars in liability coverage to protect our clients and ourselves. 
    6. What happens when weather does not cooperate? Answer: Weather delays are certainly possible. We do not service accounts in inclement weather. 
    7. Can I put a hold on services? Answer: Call us to discuss these individual circumstances! 
    8. I have a yard that has mulch and stone in it, do you pick up poop in these areas? Answer: Well…sort of, we’ll pick up what we can, but these substrates are difficult (or impossible) to remove loose stool from these substrates. Often mulch will result in increased cost due to having to remove the mulch as well (loose stool clings to it and it’s difficult to separate). 
    9. I have a vicious dog that is often in the yard when you may need to service the yard, is this ok? Answer: NO! We do not accept working in conditions that are unsafe. Please keep your dog secured in a separate area away from our staff when on the property. 
    10. Can my dogs be in the yard when you come to do service? Answer: No, please have them secured while servicing your account. 
    11. Can I choose a bi-weekly plan? Answer: No, dogs poop whether servicing the account or not. Poop accumulates and it’s simply twice the amount. We can service you bi-weekly, but it’s still $25 per week. 
    12. I have a large amount of acreage, do you service any size property? Answer: No, we have to limit our servicing of these larger properties to a couple of areas that are frequently used by the dogs.