Pigeon Management Options & Remediation (Residential, Commercial & Government)

Managing pigeons starts with a detailed inspection and flock survey. We identify all bird species involved and then layout a plan that would be effective for that particular situation. We then consult with the client on options and costs for each.

Pigeon management can be achieved through flock eradication and direct management, exclusion (process of keeping them off a certain area) and other methods. Exclusion is a permanent resolution, but tends to be more costly depending on the areas needing it. Every situation is evaluated carefully to determine the best course of action.

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Pigeons & Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Pigeons love to roost and nest under roof mounted solar panels. This gives them shade, protection from predators and excellent shelter. They can cause unsightly damage with their droppings which are corrosive and could damage solar panel components.

Pigeon droppings have the potential to carry more than 60 different zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Cleaning up droppings could be hazardous to yourself or others in the area if you do not follow CDC protocols for cleanup. Click this link to learn more about Histoplasmosis: CDC Publication on Histoplasmosis

The good news is we have solutions for any pigeon problem! Typically we exclude the pigeons from being able to get under the panels. This is a permanent solution that is aesthetically pleasing and offers complete protection that looks great. Whether pigeons are getting under solar panels, roosting in chimneys, leaving droppings under roosting locations, we can help.