Raccoon Removal

Owner (Gerrod Walker) with Raccoon Kit.

Owner (Gerrod Walker) with Raccoon Kit.

We are experts when it comes to raccoon removal! We’ve removed more than 5,000 raccoon over our 15 years in this industry. Raccoons can severely damage structures and if you have them living in your home, it’s time to evict these non-paying squatters! Raccoon removal starts with a detailed inspection and consultation. We learn where the entry / exit points are, future “soft” or vulnerable areas are, then come up with a treatment approach that will work to resolve the issue. We can then advise you on further protection of your structure going forward, install vent guards and chimney caps and further reinforce your structure. We can link you with an attic sanitation & restoration team that can repair the damages, clean up the feces and urine (sanitize) and leave your home better than it was before! Check out some of these damage pictures below.

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raccoon latrine in attic

Raccoon Latrine (Feces) in Attic

raccoon living in walls of home example

These two raccoons were found living inside walls of a clients home. We specialize in structural removal of wildlife!

water damage caused by raccoon's who created hole in roof

Raccoon Tore Hole in Roof, this is the water damage as a result!

raccoon trapped at entry/exit point on roof

Raccoon trapping on Roof at point of entry (Roof Vent)

raccoon trapped in special over chimney trap

Special trap designed to go over a chimney flue.

thermal scan of attic example

Thermal Imaging Camera to Find Raccoon Kits in Attic & Assess & Prove Damages for Client’s Insurance.

Raccoon kits removed from kitchen soffit!

Raccoon kits removed from kitchen soffit!

Call When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc for your raccoon removal pro’s! Serving the Greater Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Divide, Florissant & Cripple Creek Areas!