Raccoon Removal & Control Services

We are experts when it comes to raccoon removal! We’ve removed more than 5,000 raccoon over our 15 years in this industry. Raccoons can severely damage structures and if you have them living in your home, it’s time to evict these non-paying squatters! Raccoon removal starts with a detailed inspection and consultation.

We learn where the entry / exit points are, future “soft” or vulnerable areas are, then come up with a treatment approach that will work to resolve the issue. We can then advise you on further protection of your structure going forward, install vent guards and chimney caps and further reinforce your structure.


Trusted Raccoon Trapping In CO

We can link you with an attic sanitation & restoration team that can repair the damages, clean up the feces and urine (sanitize) and leave your home better than it was before! Check out some of these damage pictures below:

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