For 15+ years, the wildlife and pest removal experts at When Nature Calls Pest Control have provided top notch pest and wildlife control services. If you have noticed damage to your roofline, heard scratching in your walls or seen a greater population of pests around your property, it’s best to contact our professional wildlife and pest control company right away.If these situations are left alone, the problem could grow bigger and you could end up experience much more damage to your home in West Colorado Springs.

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Here at When Nature Calls Pest Control, we are your go-to pest removal company when pests such as bats, spiders, wasps, bees, hornets, birds and other critters are affecting your home. These critters can cause a good amount of trouble as they interfere with your time outside and even indoors. With bats commonly roosting in attic spaces, this can cause dangers to arise because of their association with rabies along with the toxic guano they end up leaving behind. Bees, hornets and wasps can be a nuisance too as they can sting children along with those allergic to them.

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Though your house is meant to provide peace and quiet during the morning and night hours, wild animals don’t care what time it is. Instead, these critters only care about having a warm and safe shelter from the outside elements. With this new home not being their own, it’s time to get rid of them.

If you’ve heard a loud rustling in your attic, scratching in your walls or any other odd noise in your home, it’s likely that you’re experiencing a wildlife infestation in your attic, walls, soffit area or other areas of your home. It’s very common for raccoons to make their way into your soffits, opossums to enter your crawl space and even rats and mice in making their way into your walls. It’s very important to call our wildlife removal professionals as soon as possible to mitigate further house damage. 

While the removal process is indeed a very important job to complete, our exclusion and cleanup services are equally as important. Without these next services, your home could be at risk of future infestations because the original entrance was not fixed. Also, if there is guano in the attic, the resulting toxic spores could be very consequential to your health. Because of these situations, it’s important to finish your removal services with high quality exclusion and repair services.


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When Nature Calls Pest Control takes care of our customer like we would take care of our own home. It’s never enjoyable to suffer from a wildlife or pest infestation, so we want to make sure it’s taken care of right away. If you’re currently experiencing a wildlife or pest infestation at your house in the greater West Colorado Springs area, call the pest and wildlife removal experts at When Nature Calls Pest Control right away!

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