Continued – Dept of Defense Work in Kuwait

The only snag was that I had no real life practical experience actually performing pest control services. I decided to look for a job in the industry and found an ad for a position with the Dept of Defense as a Pest Control Specialist in Kuwait working directly for the US Army in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was former US Navy Reserves and they were actively looking for service members who also were licensed in any State in the country. I laughed at the idea they would be interested and really didn’t think about it when applying. To my surprise, they called and interviewed me via telephone. They offered me a year contract working in Kuwait as a Primary DOD Contractor.

Within a month, I found myself on a plane headed to Kuwait. My flight landed in Kuwait at around 3am in the morning. I remember looking down as we flew near Iraq at the oilfields that were burning. It was this very week that Iraqi insurgents killed, burned and dragged charred bodies of contractors through the streets of Fallujah Iraq. The images of their charred bodies hanging from the bridge as a sign to others was fresh in my mind. What was I thinking? It was over 90 degrees when I stepped out of the plane onto the tarmac. Kuwaiti military guards armed with automatic weapons stood all around the airport as I proceeded to customs and entered. It’s official and there was no turning around now.

My supervisor Brad picked me up at the airport. I would be assigned to live in an apartment complex in Jabriya, in Kuwait City. There were uniformed Nepalese Guards standing at the main level around the complex. I settled into my apartment and tried to get some sleep. Just as I was drifting off, I was awakened to the sounds of morning prayer, at a mosque located less than a block away. They had loudspeakers at each corner which were quite effective at letting folks know that this was prayer time. Awake it is, let the adventure begin.

That morning I was told that I would be a supervisor. Yes, you heard that right. I loudly objected stating, “didn’t you read my resume? I have never actually worked a day in my life actually doing pest control functions.” He responded, ahh, you’ll be fine. I was assigned three technicians who were guys from India to do the “heavy lifting”. Still to this day, I’m in touch with them on Facebook, even though they are half way across the world…TO BE CONTINUED