Woodpecker Management Options & Damage Repairs

Woodpeckers can do a lot of damage and quickly! We specialize in providing solutions to manage them and minimize their damage. Often they will peck holes in structures in no time. These repairs are often unsightly and costly. We first evaluate the home with a bird inspection and then consult with the homeowner about control options. Woodpeckers are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Act and cannot be destroyed without special permitting, this is rarely needed or recommended.

Depredation permits are costly, not ensured to be accepted and result in having to kill that bird (not really solving the problem when others will take its place). Often we can avoid having to use lethal controls by protecting that structure through the use of various visual, tactile, olfactory and sense based deterrent and / or exclusion options. Call us for a professional evaluation!

We offer a unique repair technique on wood structures that involves the use of a sealant that is then blended to match the grain of the wood. We can oftentimes make that repair much less noticeable through our professional techniques.


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Why Do Woodpeckers Peck?

Did you know that woodpeckers peck on structures for three reasons? The first is to create a nesting cavity. The second is to find a mate through the process of “drumming”. This is the male woodpecker showing his potential mate that he is really strong and powerful. His aim is simply to make a very loud noise. This attracts the female. The final reason is to find food (mainly wood destroying organisms) that are in the wood. Our goal will be to identify species, what the reason is behind the damage and how to best approach control options and timing throughout the year.

WNCPC is Bird Management Certified through NWCOA!